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Industrial Electrical Services with Custom Electrical

If you want to keep your production and manufacturing equipment running smoothly in your warehouse, factory, business or any other production area, then you will need to regularly enlist the services of an industrial electrician. Not only do they install, repair and maintain electrical systems, but they also check switches, regulators and motors to prevent any potential issues.

An industrial electrician can help with many aspects of your manufacturing business or factory. Learn more about how enlisting the services of an industrial electrician from Custom Electrical is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly.

Custom Electrical's experienced industrial electricians work on large manufacturing plants like this one.

What We Do Industrial Electricians at Custom Electrical

Although you might feel like you can monitor the condition of your equipment yourself, you should undertake professional routine checks to ensure everything is in top shape. An industrial electrician collects data and analyses it by testing and examining the condition of the equipment. This saves you money and time; after all, it typically costs significantly less to have equipment repaired rather than getting a replacement.

An industrial electrician will check on your equipment, suggest repairs and ensure your team's safety. Most importantly, this gives you some peace of mind knowing that everything is in good condition.

Experiencing unplanned downtime is the last thing you may want for your business. Thankfully, an industrial electrician provides medium-to-low voltage installation and maintenance. These professionals have the experience to do so effectively and within a short time. For the installation of any of your electrical systems, you can always count on an industrial electrician to get the job done right.

Furthermore, an industrial electrician can always come in if you need equipment and electrical systems troubleshooting or plant maintenance shift coverage. They may also assist with annual power systems preventative maintenance.

Generators are one of the essential equipment in a commercial business. That is because they ensure that operations go on uninterrupted even in the event of a blackout. If you want complete protection against outages, then you may want to talk to an industrial electrician to install and maintain backup generators for you.

The good thing is that they can advise on the best generator depending on the equipment you need to power. They will also help safely set up wiring, plug your generator into the transfer switch, and wiring it directly to the business service panel. This will help with the proper disconnection from the grid and ensure that power is delivered safely to the designated circuits, thus preventing generator overload, fire, back feeding, and other safety issues.

For maintenance and monitoring of your generators, an industrial electrician should be your go-to.

We all know how good lighting is vital for business. Not only does it enhance productivity at work, but it also contributes to the safety of workers. It also adds to the aesthetic look of the place and can set the tone for the work day.

An industrial electrician can install and maintain proper lighting systems for your business. They also advise on better lighting control, and can suggest ways to save on lighting costs. Additionally, they will help ensure the correct lighting-load capacity, grounding features and short-circuit protection is provided.

Industrial electricians may also advise on the best lighting for the intended use. This will save on power and enhance the comfort, utility and productivity of the workers.

For an efficient flow of electricity, there has to be proper power distribution. This ensures enough power is transferred into the different circuits. When correct, the system does not experience fluctuations in power supply, which could lead to machinery breakdown caused by sudden power deficiency.

Unlike a residential electrician, an industrial electrician can pinpoint system overloads or power shortages and help improve the operational efficiency of the entire system.

An electric service upgrade entails the complete replacement of electrical services. In the case your business is relocating, you may also need to transfer your electrical equipment. An industrial electrician comes in handy during service upgrades since they have the skills and materials required. Even better, they ensure that there is safety.

Industrial electrician services inside a manufacturing plant with Custom Electrical.

Top Industrial Electricians in Utah

With over 26 years of experience, Custom Electrical Services has been a trusted name in Utah, providing a wide range of industrial electrical services. Our team of fully licensed and insured electrical technicians are highly skilled in various areas, including new home construction, residential remodels, electrical service calls, and addressing complex industrial electric issues.

Custom Electrical's professional industrial electrician hard at work.

Why Should You Hire an Industrial Electrician?

Not only are industrial electricians a great preventative measure, but they are the first person you should call at the first sign of any electrical issue. Among other reason, consider the following:

  • Your Safety is Assured: Industrial electricians understand how electricity works in large buildings. With the skills and experience, you can be assured that your safety is in good hands.
  • It is Cost-Effective: You may think hiring an industrial electrician will be expensive. On the contrary, these electricians deliver quality work that will help you save money in the long run.
  • Professional Advice: Since industrial electricians can visit your premises and see how everything works, they can give hands-on advice on practices that will help ensure safety, high-level functionality as well as durability.
  • It Saves You Time: Don’t waste days on a DIY attempt. For quick and accurate services, you can always call an electrician.
  • Professional Approach to Electrical Issues: With their experience, industrial electricians can handle electrical issues with complete control and a professional approach.
  • Energy Efficiency: For both businesses and industrial facilities, optimizing energy usage not only contributes to environmental conservation but also significantly reduces operational costs. Professionals can make sure its done right.

What is Considered Industrial Electrical Work?

Industrial electrical work is a broad term encompassing a wide range of services required in industrial settings. An industrial electrician specializes in repairing, maintaining, and testing electrical systems in large industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants and production facilities.

Industrial electricians often work with complex and sensitive machinery involving an extensive range of electrical systems operating at 600V or more. They also perform various electrical services, such as installing and maintaining electrical systems.

Any kind of electrical work for businesses, warehouses, or factories is considered industrial electric work. Because of the higher amounts of voltage and the sensitive machinery typical to businesses and factories, specialized training and licensure are needed.

The licensed and insured electricians of Custom Electrical Services are skilled in all aspects of industrial electrical service. Whether you’re building a new business or looking to repair and maintain and existing one, our qualified electricians can do the job and do it right. We also provide our customers with regular electrical maintenance and inspections to keep them safe from any potential electrical emergencies. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate on industrial electrical services!

Custom Electrical's experienced industrial electricians work on large manufacturing plants like this one.
Custom Electrical's experienced industrial electricians work on large manufacturing plants like this one.

What’s Included in Electrical Service?

Industrial electrician services are a critical component of industrial facilities' safe and efficient operation. These services include everything from installing and maintaining electrical systems to troubleshooting and repair work. They are essential for ensuring the safety and productivity of employees and the smooth operation of industrial facilities.

With new construction, industrial electricians are key to ensuring electrical systems are installed safely and appropriately to power the future business or factory. For established businesses, industrial electricians still play an important role in ensuring electrical systems function optimally. At Custom Electrical Services , regular inspections and maintenance are part of the service we offer our customers.

Additional electrical services can include:

  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Emergency generator systems
  • Lighting retrofits and upgrades
  • Electrical system testing and maintenance
  • Power quality analysis
  • Motor control systems
  • Uninterruptible power Supply (UPS) systems

Whether you're an established business that needs to update its electrical system, or you're building from the ground up and want to ensure your electrical system will run smoothly, the licensed and insured electricians of Custom Electrical Services have the skills and experience you need. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Industrial Electrical Services from Custom Electrical

Working with the right industrial electricians enhances the safety and utility of your business, warehouse, or factory. If you are looking to get an industrial electrician, you can contact Custom Electrical for questions and services. We will ensure all your lighting and electrical equipment are working efficiently and with the highest safety standards.

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I will come to them every time. They are friendly, honest, and always on time! Absolutely recommend.
— Samantha Thompson
Posted July 25th 2023
Had these guys and gals help me update my electrical as well as run some power out to a shop. The whole process was super smooth, Kourtnie nailed the paperwork side of things (even got a permit and inspection that I had no idea we needed) and Cory was great to work with on the installation side of things. The price was the same from the original bid all the way to the final product, which is always nice. The work itself was exactly what we agreed upon. Really nothing but good things to say about my whole experience. Would totally recommend these guys to any of my friends!
— Kaden Hanks
Posted June 16th 2023
Professional, clean, honest, and quick. They’ll be my first call next time I need work.
— chris davidson timothy
Posted May 13th 2023
M m 1n
— Judy Smith
Posted May 1st 2023
We are so appreciative of the work that Morgan and his team did on behalf of Custom Electrical for our new home. Custom Electrical provided a thorough, exact, and honest/fair bid right from the start, and they stuck to it! We had a budget, and they respected it. They were always timely and very professional. Attention was paid to every detail, and they made sure things were just how we wanted them. They went above and beyond in so many ways, from being patient with our kids running around to coming back an extra time to make sure everything was just right. We will be recommending them to everyone we know. Thanks you guys!
— Rachel Keller
Posted December 27th 2022
5 stars and a forever customer! My family moved into an older home and we've had Custom Electric over several times to help get our home working a bit more how I would like it. I appreciate that I am always able to get someone to my home quickly- whether it's to install a light switch or rewire an entire room. Everyone who's been in my home has been professional, friendly, and consistent in their quality work. Maybe most of all, I am grateful for the honest communication and great customer service! After the last visit, I had some concerns that were cleared up right away with kindness and respect (especially for dealing with a not so electrical savvy me). I would send everyone I know and love who have electrical need to Custom Electric- they won't let you down!!
— Kaitlyn Bown
Posted December 14th 2022
We had a baseboard heater stop working in our baby's room. Custom Electric came out and quickly repaired the problem. Scheduling was easy, the technicians and staff were all very professional and great to work with. When we need electrical work done in the future, we will definitely be working with them again.
— Andy Harris
Posted December 13th 2022
I am a crazy off grid person! They hooked me up with a awesome Solar system.
— Brandon Johnson
Posted December 1st 2022
Even though they were booked up, they still came the same day I called to help me out.
— Robert Corbett
Posted September 9th 2022
Ethical, professional, integrity, and grateful are just a few words that describe working with Custom Energy/Electric. Josh is an amazing Boss and leads by doing. If you are looking for a job with him and this company you can’t go wrong. Highly recommend Dane Tidwell
— Dane Tidwell
Posted April 27th 2022
Impressive! Very helpful service!!
— Dana Bell
Posted April 12th 2022
Definitely 5 stars fo Custom Electric! They are my go-to for any electric work needed. They were fast and courteous. The quality of work was too-notch! Thank you!
— Tonya McMillen
Posted March 8th 2022
Went out of their way to get everything hooked up and power to our new house.
— Gary Hawkins
Posted January 6th 2022
Fantastic experience, use their services!
— Tony Perides
Posted December 30th 2021
So happy we went with Custom Electrical! Cory was amazing to work with and extremely helpful. We are looking forward to working with them again in the future to finish our basement.
— Whitney Manis
Posted December 21st 2021
Custom Electric did a great job for us! Quick, efficient, and inexpensive. Our technician was great. Very kind and helpful.
— Renelle Smith
Posted November 10th 2021
These guys/gals are always very helpful. I got a tech out to the house same day I called to repair a GFI receptacle that kept tripping open. Cory (technician) troubleshoot the problem, corrected it and was gone in about 30 minutes. I have used them for other projects with no complaints. I use them without hesitation for any electrical issues.
— Bk J
Posted October 28th 2021
Really good to work with quick follow-through
— Kennley Savage
Posted October 11th 2021
Corry came here. Did a terrific job in he was nice, explained to me what and why he was repairing certain places, checked each out finished the places in kitchen, got the ceiling fans up, he was friendly and knew what he was repairing. Good job Corry
— gail Erichsen
Posted April 19th 2021
These guys did a amazing job. From start to finish. Very professional , yet very relatable. Will recommend this company to friends and family
— Denise Pyper
Posted August 27th 2021