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Home Electrician in Utah

As technology advances, you’ll keep upgrading your appliances to the newest, most efficient models. That new refrigerator, air conditioner, TV and washing machine are all convenient for your modern lifestyle. But, if your home’s electrical service isn’t high enough, your circuit breaker will cut off your power. While this protects your home, it’s inconvenient to be left in the dark and potentially dangerous for your electronics.

You want to use your appliances, not face a temporary blackout. Most homes, however, weren’t built with electrical systems designed to handle modern technology. That’s where a home electrician in Utah can step in to help upgrade your house to adapt to your needs. Custom Electrical Services ’s licensed and insured electricians will help talk you through the progress, gather the necessary permits and safely perform the intense work required for the job.

Custom Electrical’s fair pricing model and skilled technicians make residential wiring and electrical services affordable and straightforward.

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Don’t overlook the importance of proper and safe residential wiring in your remodel. Electricity is in every room in your home — even the pantry and closets! Each of these rooms has the possibility of a defective wiring problem that could cause a dangerous situation for you and your family.

Custom Electrical’s nearby residential wiring services mean fewer defects have a chance of slipping through the cracks.

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Custom Electrical Services has been serving Utah residents and businesses with residential electrical services for over 26 years! We have a trusted team of fully licensed and insured electrical technicians skilled in new home construction, residential remodels and electrical service calls; including electrical troubleshooting and additional electrical system installations.

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What is an Electrical Service Upgrade?

An electrical upgrade is a thorough process to change your home’s electrical capability. A modern home has a standard of 200 amps. However, depending on your electrical needs, Custom Electrical Services may recommend you go higher than that.

Technology has advanced at a remarkable pace. Most old homes were only built with 60 or 100-watt amp services. You may also need a service upgrade if you have new electronics. During an upgrade, a residential electrician will take care of the necessary permits required to do the work, contact the utility company to temporarily cut off your power and arrange for the necessary inspections. An upgrade isn’t a quick project. It’s a complex job that will include adding a new amp panel, wiring and equipment.

When Do You Need an Upgrade?

The level of amp service your home requires depends on your electrical needs. A Custom Electrical Services electrician will look at your current capacity and the electronics you have in order to make a customized recommendation for your home.

There are a few inconvenient ways to find out if you have a high enough electrical service. Has your circuit breaker cut off power to your home? That’s because you’re using more electricity than you have service for. The age of your home can also give you an idea of your service level. The older the house, the lower the amp service.

Can You Do It Yourself?

No. This isn’t like changing a light fixture. You will need a licensed residential electrician to do the work for you. Trying it on your own will break local laws, put your home in danger and could even cost you your life.

There’s a reason why electricians are required to be licensed. Custom Electrical Services electricians are licensed, insured and knowledgeable about residential projects. With more than 25 years of experience, we can talk you through the project, safely perform the work and leave you with an upgraded service that’ll meet your home’s needs.

Depending on the project, an upgrade could take all day or even longer. The cost will vary depending on what that job will entail.

A Custom Electrical Services  home electrician in Utah handles a residential electrical project.

Use Custom Electrical Services to Safely Complete the Job

Do you hear buzzing from your panel box? Is your fuse box outdated? Are the circuit breakers tripping and shutting off your power when you’re trying to do laundry?

If so, your electrical service needs to be upgraded. A tripped system isn’t only inconvenient – it can also ruin your electronics.

Most electrical systems in older homes cannot handle modern needs. In order to upgrade, you’ll need a residential electrician to handle receiving the necessary permits, make sure the power is cut off so the work can safely be done, conduct the upgrade and then make sure the project passes an inspection. Trying to do it on your own is dangerous to your home and personal safety. Electrical work is dangerous – leave it to the professionals.

Custom Electrical Services trustworthy electricians are certified and insured to handle your residential upgrade project. With more than 25 years of experience, we are ready to talk you through what your home needs and what we’ll do to finish the project. Contact us to request your free evaluation.

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We make sure you get the most for your money. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

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I will come to them every time. They are friendly, honest, and always on time! Absolutely recommend.
— Samantha Thompson
Posted July 25th 2023
Had these guys and gals help me update my electrical as well as run some power out to a shop. The whole process was super smooth, Kourtnie nailed the paperwork side of things (even got a permit and inspection that I had no idea we needed) and Cory was great to work with on the installation side of things. The price was the same from the original bid all the way to the final product, which is always nice. The work itself was exactly what we agreed upon. Really nothing but good things to say about my whole experience. Would totally recommend these guys to any of my friends!
— Kaden Hanks
Posted June 16th 2023
Professional, clean, honest, and quick. They’ll be my first call next time I need work.
— chris davidson timothy
Posted May 13th 2023
M m 1n
— Judy Smith
Posted May 1st 2023
We are so appreciative of the work that Morgan and his team did on behalf of Custom Electrical for our new home. Custom Electrical provided a thorough, exact, and honest/fair bid right from the start, and they stuck to it! We had a budget, and they respected it. They were always timely and very professional. Attention was paid to every detail, and they made sure things were just how we wanted them. They went above and beyond in so many ways, from being patient with our kids running around to coming back an extra time to make sure everything was just right. We will be recommending them to everyone we know. Thanks you guys!
— Rachel Keller
Posted December 27th 2022
5 stars and a forever customer! My family moved into an older home and we've had Custom Electric over several times to help get our home working a bit more how I would like it. I appreciate that I am always able to get someone to my home quickly- whether it's to install a light switch or rewire an entire room. Everyone who's been in my home has been professional, friendly, and consistent in their quality work. Maybe most of all, I am grateful for the honest communication and great customer service! After the last visit, I had some concerns that were cleared up right away with kindness and respect (especially for dealing with a not so electrical savvy me). I would send everyone I know and love who have electrical need to Custom Electric- they won't let you down!!
— Kaitlyn Bown
Posted December 14th 2022
We had a baseboard heater stop working in our baby's room. Custom Electric came out and quickly repaired the problem. Scheduling was easy, the technicians and staff were all very professional and great to work with. When we need electrical work done in the future, we will definitely be working with them again.
— Andy Harris
Posted December 13th 2022
I am a crazy off grid person! They hooked me up with a awesome Solar system.
— Brandon Johnson
Posted December 1st 2022
Even though they were booked up, they still came the same day I called to help me out.
— Robert Corbett
Posted September 9th 2022
Ethical, professional, integrity, and grateful are just a few words that describe working with Custom Energy/Electric. Josh is an amazing Boss and leads by doing. If you are looking for a job with him and this company you can’t go wrong. Highly recommend Dane Tidwell
— Dane Tidwell
Posted April 27th 2022
Impressive! Very helpful service!!
— Dana Bell
Posted April 12th 2022
Definitely 5 stars fo Custom Electric! They are my go-to for any electric work needed. They were fast and courteous. The quality of work was too-notch! Thank you!
— Tonya McMillen
Posted March 8th 2022
Went out of their way to get everything hooked up and power to our new house.
— Gary Hawkins
Posted January 6th 2022
Fantastic experience, use their services!
— Tony Perides
Posted December 30th 2021
So happy we went with Custom Electrical! Cory was amazing to work with and extremely helpful. We are looking forward to working with them again in the future to finish our basement.
— Whitney Manis
Posted December 21st 2021
Custom Electric did a great job for us! Quick, efficient, and inexpensive. Our technician was great. Very kind and helpful.
— Renelle Smith
Posted November 10th 2021
These guys/gals are always very helpful. I got a tech out to the house same day I called to repair a GFI receptacle that kept tripping open. Cory (technician) troubleshoot the problem, corrected it and was gone in about 30 minutes. I have used them for other projects with no complaints. I use them without hesitation for any electrical issues.
— Bk J
Posted October 28th 2021
Really good to work with quick follow-through
— Kennley Savage
Posted October 11th 2021
Corry came here. Did a terrific job in he was nice, explained to me what and why he was repairing certain places, checked each out finished the places in kitchen, got the ceiling fans up, he was friendly and knew what he was repairing. Good job Corry
— gail Erichsen
Posted April 19th 2021
These guys did a amazing job. From start to finish. Very professional , yet very relatable. Will recommend this company to friends and family
— Denise Pyper
Posted August 27th 2021